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Empirical model of the areal variation in As concentration generated using HyMap hyperspectral data with validation.

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The CGS Centre for Remote Sensing of the Earth is involved with partners from other institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad in long-term scientific cooperation on a range of geological and related environmental topics. At present, the Centre specializes in the applications of methods of spectrometric imaging and the interpretation of hyperspectral data obtained from the visible, near and middle infrared wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In future the Centre plans to expand its work to include thermal scanning and applications of remote sensing of the Earth using radar. Share this page: Share. State geological survey.

Geology for All. About us. The intent of the workshop was to provide an evaluation of demonstrated capabilities, their direct extensions, and possible future applications, and this was the organizational format used for the geologic remote sensing reports.

Application of remote sensing in Geology

The working groups in environmental remote sensing chose to present their reports in a somewhat modified version of this format. A final section examines future advances and limitations in the field.


There is a large, complex, and often bewildering array of remote sensing data available. Early remote sensing studies were based on data collected from airborne platforms. Much of that technology was later extended to satellites. Low-resolution 1 km data are available from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's AVHRR system, which acquires reflectance and day and night thermal data daily.

Airborne broadband multispectral data comparable to Landsat MSS and TM but involving several more channels for limited geographic areas also are available for digital processing and analysis.

Narrow-band imaging spectrometer data are available for some NASA experiment sites and can be acquired for other locations commercially. Remote sensing data and derivative images, because of the uniform spatial coverage, availability at different resolutions, and digital format, are becoming important data sets for geographic information system GIS analyses.

Examples range from overlaying digitized geologic maps on remote sensing images and draping these over topography, to maps of mineral distribution and inferred abundance.

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Remote Sensing Geology Remote Sensing Geology
Remote Sensing Geology Remote Sensing Geology
Remote Sensing Geology Remote Sensing Geology
Remote Sensing Geology Remote Sensing Geology
Remote Sensing Geology Remote Sensing Geology
Remote Sensing Geology Remote Sensing Geology
Remote Sensing Geology Remote Sensing Geology

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