Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors

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Hyperfine Interact ; — Bottcher HJ. Hot galvanization as a means of protection against corrosion in sea-water and in sea-atmosphere. Metall ; Experimental and theoretical study of organic corrosion inhibitors on iron in acidic medium.

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Use of rare earth salts as electrochemical corrosion inhibitors for an Al-Li-Cu alloy in 3. Caffeic acid as a green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel. Influence of the photo-oxidative degradation on the water barrier and corrosion protection properties of polyester paints. Chromium and tantalum oxide nanocoatings prepared by filtered cathodic arc deposition for corrosion protection of carbon steel.

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Surf Coat Technol ; — Electrochem Commun ; 9: — El-Meligi AA. Corrosion preventive strategies as a crucial need for decreasing environmental pollution and saving economics. Recent Pat Corros Sci ; 2: 22— Elliot J, Cook R. Nanoparticle-based corrosion inhibitors for aerospace aluminum. In: Tri-Service Corrosion Conference, Inhibition of brass corrosion in sodium chloride solutions by self-assembled silane films. Local oxidation of titanium films by non-contact atomic force microscopy. Microelectron Eng ; — Effect of inhibitors on the corrosion of galvanized steel and on mortar properties.

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Coatings for corrosion prevention based on rare earths

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Inhibitors with biocidal functionalities to mitigate corrosion on mild steel in natural aqueous environment.


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Rare Earth-Based Corrosion Inhibitors - 1st Edition

Inhibition of aluminum alloy corrosion by vanadates: an in situ atomic force microscopy scratching investigation. Uses of scanning electrochemical microscopy for the characterization of thin inhibitor films on reactive metals. The protection of copper surfaces by benzotriazole. The synergistic inhibitive effect of tungstate with zinc ions on the corrosion of iron in aqueous environments.

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1st Edition

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High effective organic corrosion inhibitors for aluminium alloy.

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Rev Chem Eng ; — Modeling cathodic prevention for unconventional concrete in salt-laden environment. Corrosion protection of an aluminum alloy with nontoxic compound inhibitors in chloride media. Electrochemical state conversion model for occurrence of pitting corrosion on a cathodically polarized carbon steel in a near-neutral pH solution. Appl Surf Sci ; 77— Prog Chem ; — An investigation of the effects of inorganic inhibitors on the corrosion rate of aluminum alloy using electrochemical noise measurements and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors
Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors
Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors
Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors
Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors
Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors
Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors Rare earth-based corrosion inhibitors

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