Fundamentals of Electrical Drives

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Instead, emphasis is placed in this chapter on the development of a two-phase space vector based ITF symbolic and generic model. This chapter considers the basic working principles of the so-called classical set of machines. This set of machines represents the asynchronous induction , synchronous , DC machines, and variable reluctance machines.

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Of these classical machines, the asynchronous machine is most widely used in a large range of applications. The machine can be fed via a power electronic converter or connected directly to an AC or DC supply. The synchronous machine has traditionally been used for power generation purposes. For motor applications when connected to the power grid , a synchronous machine is ideal when the operating speed must remain constant, i.

Starting up, however, needs special measures.

Fundamentals of Electrical Drives

The induction machine is by far the most commonly used machine around the globe. Induction machines consume approximately one-third of the energy used in industrialized countries. Consequently this type of machine has received considerable attention in terms of its design and application. The genesis of the ideas required to build an electrical machine can be traced back to the discovery of electromagnetism by the Danish scientist Oersted in — Oersted discovered that a current in a wire could deflect a compass needle.

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Thus the connection between a current carrying conductor, a magnetic field, and a mechanical movement was established. In Sturgeon found that putting an iron core in the coil increased the magnetic field strength considerably for the same current.

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In this chapter we will look at some basic drive implementations with a DC machine as discussed in Sect. A central topic of this chapter is the so-called pulse width modulation PWM which is used to realize uni-polar and bipolar voltage control of converters.

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The section on modulation and control emphasizes the role of power electronics and digital signal processors in drives. Fundamentals of Electrical Drives is perfect for readers with basic engineering knowledge who have a need or desire to comprehend and apply the theory and simulation methods utilized by drive specialists throughout the world. Rik W.

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    Fundamentals of electrical drives

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    Fundamentals of Electrical Drives Fundamentals of Electrical Drives
    Fundamentals of Electrical Drives Fundamentals of Electrical Drives
    Fundamentals of Electrical Drives Fundamentals of Electrical Drives
    Fundamentals of Electrical Drives Fundamentals of Electrical Drives
    Fundamentals of Electrical Drives Fundamentals of Electrical Drives

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